Dear partners.
we are expecting, that bitcoin will rise again, everything indicates that this will be soon, when bitcoin hits the house of 9,500 to 10,000 U $, the company will resume pending payments, which today reaches 27%, after all these payments are made successfully, we will continue the process of implementing the payment system, which has been suspended, and so we will open the withdrawals suspended in bitcoin as soon as we feel safe for this, everything we are doing and for the good of all members and also of the company, we will not take a bigger step, which will harm everyone, we reinforce the commitment, that all of you affiliates received their respective amounts paid in the packages of products and services, in a safe way that will not harm you affiliate and so little the company, everything we are doing and to protect everyone, the market started to react in favor, and with that we will be able to honor everyone who trusted and trusted zxbit,thank you for your patience.
Financial ZXbit Team

In sostanza dicono che quando il BTC arriverà verso i 10.000$ riprenderanno a pagare gli utenti.
Dopodiché implementeranno il nuovo sistema di pagamento.