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    12dailyrs -

    I'm not the admin!


    Welcome to 12DailyRs

    12DailyRS is an Advertising and Premium Revenue Sharing Program. It is very simple to advertise and to earn with 12DailyRS, everyone CAN do it! You simply purchase Ad Packs and you use your ad credits to advertise your business and/or programs.

    We advertise for you! 12DailyRS also shares with YOU the revenue we make from our business via our Cashback Advertising System! You can cashout your earnings with our superb Instant Payment system! No waiting, get paid in seconds! The more ad packs you purchase, the more ad credits you get, the more you can advertise your business and/or programs. AND the more you earn with our Premium Revenue Sharing Program. Its a win-win-win for all! Get started NOW and start earning with 12DailyRS!

    Earn Up to 12% Daily
    Instant Withdrawals
    Ad Packs will mature in as fast as 12 Days
    Rewarding 12% Referral Commission
    Revenue Sharing Maximum Profit up to 144%
    EXTRA BONUS when achieving PAID referrals milestone!

    Earn 12% Daily
    Profit Upto 144%
    Website Credits 100
    Banner Credits 20,000
    Text Ads Credits 20,000
    Instant Cashout
    12% Referral Commission


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    Re: 12dailyrs -

    Invested $40 here!

    • To STPay member: sowtha009 (
    • Transaction Number: 30006203398
    • Amount: $40
    • Currency: USD
    • Note (if provided): Add Funds

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    Re: 12dailyrs -

    I'm out of this program from now.

    After many problems here in few days. I finally i got my refund.

    Good luck to everybody who will invest here. I don't think that's secure.

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