Un programma di affiliazione per adulti che ho utilizzato in passato e dal quale sono stato pagato tramite assegno.

Ecco cosa offrono :

CPM banners

This program offers a variety of ad sizes (468x60, 728x90, 120x600, 300x250) that pay you for every impression your site delivers. You can place up to two banners above the fold on every page you choose, and earn guaranteed revenue without worrying about clicks or signups.


This is one of the net's highest paying adult pop-under programs. The ad displays discreetly under your page, so surfers are not interrupted while viewing your site. The program pays $3-$5 CPM for english traffic and monetizes all other countries.

Blind Click

We have several offers that pay between 2.5 and 3 cents for each visitor. You can link to these offers in any way you choose except via pops.

Text Ads

This program offers text ads and photo ads that pay out for every click. You are able to create any spot on your page and sell the spots for any amount you choose. With this program you ahve the ability to control what ads are approved to run on your site.

Per chi si volesse iscrivere questo Ŕ il mio ref link : www.adultadworld.com